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The ancient city of High Peak was built by artisan slaves high on the World’s Spine, looking east across the jungles and mangroves towards the distant Sea of Shades.

Long ago these lands were the playground of elemental warlords. From High Peak in the west to Seaspray in the east, northern-most Everflame to southern-most Deep Rock, the elemental princes made war for fun, enslaving the mortal races. Although the elemental portals were destroyed long ago, the land remains wild with primal magic.

High Peak was the throne of Primal Air, and is the seat of power of the Eladrassian Empire. Within its ancient walls, elegance and culture can be found in equal measure to hedonism and debauchery. The boy emperor Jin Su cares nothing for the common people. While fair to the eye, there is the unmistakable scent of rot in the air.

There are strange portents obvious to those with the sight; those who study the ancient texts, whisper with the jungle spirits or cast the bones of the forgotten. The valley tribes grow restless, feuds breaking out between families which had been at peace for generations. Unfamiliar emissaries from unknown lands have been visiting the palace.

War is brewing, but is it merely political unrest or are the elemental princes are preparing to return?

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